Who we are


Our life trajectory in insurance began in the year 2000; when at the beginning of my professional career in the financial area, I realized the importance of health insurance as a basic need for families and businesses.

We carry a broker license int the state of Florida that allows us to represent all the companies that are registered in the state.

We represent Florida Blue, Ambetter, Avmed and Oscar for the individual plans and Florida Blue, United Healthcare, Humana, Avmed and Aetna for the corporate plans.

Besides health insurance we also offer; life insurance, dental and vision coverage.

Our company also advises clients through the whole process: choosing the best plan, implementing the plan and of course service throughout the policy period. We highly believe this is our strongest value added and main ingredient to success. We strive to provide individualized and personalized attention to all our clients, offering them the highest quality. Client satisfaction of our clients, who all of them are considered loyal friends, is our number one priority. Something we take with thoughtfulness, honesty, and professionalism.

At the moment one of the most important jobs is to validate and verify if families qualify for anticipated premium tax credit or APTC. In this case, depending on the number of family members and their income families could have substantial help and see their premium substantially reduced.


Our clients choose us because we are objective, diligent, professional, honest, strive to provide superb costumer service. Always looking to offer the best products in the market. More than 20 years of experience. Highly knowledgeable, backed by the best credentials in the industry.



LUTCF- Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow
ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant


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